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You surely don’t have to spend much to get a good deal in a hotel. Sometimes, you just have to know where and how to find these deals. Who doesn’t want to get the best accommodation in a hotel with a cheaper rate?

As the demand increases, the prices also take the peak. Good thing that there are tips that you can use to find the best hotel deals so you can enjoy your travel without spending too much. Here are some lists that could help you find the best hotel deals there is.

End of the day Check in

If you’re looking to get an upgrade, checking in at the near end of the day can be very helpful. Hotels have better deals in terms of accommodation during those hours of the day and are more likely to give upgrades that are available.

Pick-up the phone

Instead of calling the reservation numbers or booking online, call the hotel directly and speak with the hotel personnel. People working in the hotel are more likely to have the ability of upgrading your room. There are also promotions and discounts that only hotel personnel can offer. Not only that, but you often can negotiate a price. For example; ask if they have medical staff who are familiar with ACLS drugs and medications. If they don’t have a doctor who works with the hotel that is a point of negotiation.

Be a regular customer

Being a regular customer increases the odds of you getting an upgrade. You can have one favorite hotel at a certain place and build relationships with the hotel personnel. So, if you’re always travelling in different places, make sure you pick your bet and be a regular. There are also hotels that provides loyalty programs for regular customers, you can definitely take advantage and join.

Choose business hotels

Business hotels have greater deals and provide more discounts and promos. The reason behind is because there are seasons where business can be slow like during summer and also during weekends. This can lead to even lower prices.

Check the Calendar

It’s always best to check hotel calendars every now and then since prices vary depending on the demand. There are times when you book ahead of time that you get a better deal. Just be very patient and know that there will always be a day in a week when prices are better for you.

Check online

You can always compare the prices online. Some online sites also offer discounts and promotions which would help you decide which deal is best for you. The prices also changes, every now and then.

You can definitely haggle

At the reception area
At the reception area

Do not hesitate to haggle for the prices when you’re checking in. One rule though, haggle when no other guests is there, this increases the chances of you getting an upgrade or a discount. Also, be polite when doing the haggle and remember that you are the one asking for a favor.

Try these tips and see if you can get the best hotel deals. There are a lot of deals out there; you just have to know where to find them. It can be a very tiring way to check the internet but it sure is worth it if you get the deal you’d like.


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