What is a hotel?

A hotel is an establishment that provides accommodation. They also provide meals and other services (restaurants, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and spa) for travelers and even locales that wanted to have a weekend or a long escapade. There are also hotels that provides venue for conference and small gatherings, even weddings and any activities.


A hotel also has a rating system from one star to five star, five being the highest rate. The higher the star rating of the hotel, the more expensive it gets. However, prices still very from the type of accommodation the hotel offers. The location also varies; there are some hotels with higher rates because they got the nicest location, like the overlooking view of the city or at a certain area.

Hotel rooms also vary from one hotel to another. Some hotels have different styles as part of their advertisements and marketing strategy. The usual hotel rooms can either be single, twin bedroom, multi-storied, and so on. Usually, hotels also have rooms wherein you can have a better view of the outside, an open interior bedroom. You can also request the room set-up you want to have. That would depend on the hotel you’ll be staying. They also have what they call room levels like, standard room, family suites, premium, and Jacuzzi suites.

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There are countless of hotels nowadays, some are located anywhere within the city or any villages. More often than not, hotels are situated within a business district, airports, in downtown areas, vacation areas, sports arenas, tourist attractions, freeways, also a casino, and some other places.

So what’s the difference between a hotel and a motel? Very often, people mix up hotels with motels because motels also provide short-term and long-term type of lodging. But, hotels are also different from motels. Aside from hotels are usually much more expensive than motels, a motel doesn’t have many amenities to offer and they also do not have basic room types hotels does. Aside from that, they also do not consider any type of star rating. However, there are a good number of a good and nice motels that would cause you a little less compare to staying in a hotel.

Most travelers that are looking for adventure, books their hotel accommodations far ahead than the travel dates especially during peak seasons, like summer where most people are in a vacation. Business person’s travels the most as well and often stay at a four to five star hotel where they can find the best accommodations for their business deals.

Internet has been a very helpful avenue for hotel businesses. Almost all hotels are also offering online services for bookings and reservations. Some requires you to pay ahead of time to assure the reservation and some you can reserve and pay on right after your stay. There are also plenty of online reviews where you can find feedback from people who have already stayed at the hotel. Reviews are very important, most of the time it can either make or break a hotel’s popularity.

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